Have you every wanted to embark on a journey of more pleasure, sublime ecstasy, and joyous love, free from insecurities, self-doubt, and emotional blockages?  Sounds deliciously liberating doesn’t it?  Well it is…. By using Tantric principles, yogic philosophy, mediation, and energetic healing modalities you could be well on your way to spiritual, emotional, and sexual freedom.

 In our culture we have been poorly educated about how to  intimately connect with one another.  Most of us have buried feelings of fear, shame, guilt, and uncertainty when it comes to sexuality and intimacy.  Men often feel rejected, emasculated, & nervous about performance.  Women have a long herstory of feeling used, abused, and misused by men.  As a result, we could all use some healing and  a more positive attitude when it comes to love, intimacy, and connection.

I am dedicated to providing an experiential, educated approach to the art of sexual, spiritual love for couples and individuals of any gender or sexual preference.  You will discover how to open your heart wide, how to dive into profound intimacy with yourself first and then the other, how to become a MASTER lover, and how to blossom into sweet oneness with the divine. 

To begin your journey we have products, classes, private sessions, and immersions.  It begins with filling out the form below so we can schedule your free consultation.


Intimacy Coaching:

Sometimes you just need someone to talk too… Thankfully you can schedule an hour via skype, by phone, or in person (when available) to talk about Tantra, Relationships, and Health Issues.


At TantraMiami we specialize in a holistic approach that supports you in shifting life challenges into opportunities of growth & lasting change. Topics vary from nutrition to sexual dysfunction to spiritual crisis to learning how to spice up your relationship.  After a free consultation we will determine a package of calls that will help you meet your therapeutic goals. Each call will be recorded for you to play back for further integration.  Coaching is perfect for individuals and couples alike.

 A’la Carte Calls ~ $175/hour, billed by the minute

Package of 5 ~ $550

Package of 10 ~ $1000

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Embrace the present moment through breathing exercises. Train your mind to induce a mode of consciousness to reach inner peace. 






Sacred Union

In this session we generate more closeness






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I begin with a free consultation


2 months twice a week including unlimited texting and emails. (Session are also possible through Skype)


In my sessions I guide you in reconnecting with your own limitless life force energy. I teach exercises including etheric energetic bodywork. Ancient knowledge