You take care of your home, your teeth, your car,  your kids, your bills, what do you do for you relationship? Everything needs to be taken care of, if not, it falls apart. Here is a place where the sacred bond between you is strengthened, reawakened, expanded. A place to come together and celebrate the greatness of each other, what you fell in love with what you love. A place to step into gratitude and pure love, so the other can shine. You will also learn powerful techniques and practices to help your partner relax, heal and find back to wholeness.

let's create a Tantra date together:

We will create a sacred space  to celebrate you sacred love bond with candles, nice music, a love nest, toys, musical instruments, singing bowls, feathers, poetry, inspirational reading, aromatherapy oils, scents a bathing ceremony...


Learn powerful practices for a sublime Tantra date as:

- Setting up of a time frame: how long do you want your date to be, or how much time you can realistically focus on it? If you can take enough times you can let go of time , that's ideal.

- Set an intention for the date. What is the most that can happen in the time you have? Do you want to reconnect, ignite, worship, celebrate, receive, give, nurture, be heard, be held?

- Use the space the two of you are creating on this Tantra date to enrich whatever interactions you are going to have outside of the date. Here we nurture the essence of your sacred bond. With the energy you are cultivating on your Tantra date you can illuminate the rest of your lives. 

- Learn to hold loving non-judgmental space for each other by each having a set amount of uninterrupted sharing time. Here you have the space to share whatever is on your heart and mind guided with powerful nonviolent communication practices.

- You will learn daily practices  customized to your needs

-  we will practice rituals where we share gratitude for each other , i.e. before bedtime – saying what are you grateful for each about our partner. Or simply telling each other everything we appreciate about the other.

-  learn to honor emotions without drama – otherwise it will drain the relationship.

- be guided to eat good vital food. It is important to ground and maintain a healthy immune system  when we work a lot with sexual energy.

- the tantric worship to release, restore, awaken the life force energy in each other and become powerfully awakened and find a much deeper connection then previously thought possible

- ancient practices to continue to deepen your Tantric path