Lania Kea



As long as i can remember I have been a seeker of the expansion of my consciousness and human potential beyond what greater society and the collective has agreed to as our reality. Even as a young girl I understood inherently that things had to be balanced and sustainable in our selves, our community and on our planet for us to thrive in harmony, love and peace. I understood that there was an inherent self regulating harmony that allowed a natural perfect alignment in nature. 

Guilt, shame , fear and a disconnection even within ourselves are the core problems in modern day culture, symptoms of an imbalanced and dysfunctional world.  I struggled with this inside myself, yet I also had this unquenchable desire to live from my truth, a deep inner yearning.

Healing the dis-ease of the spirit through talk and medication always seemed like a band-aid to me . I knew deep down that it was love and presence that healed. Touch of the soul, body and mind through the heart.

Thanks to the unconditional love of my grandmother,  I knew that what was truly needed for humans to find back to wholeness, is love. But I was caught in my own shame and inability to follow my true passions, because of family and societies expectations and my limited beliefs of myself and judgements of myself and others.  

As a teen living in Germany in the eighties, a wave of followers of  the Tantra guru Osho swept over the country and I dreamed of moving to his Ashram in Puna and learning from this amazing teacher. In the German culture there was a deep rooted understanding that sexuality and nudity is natural.  My best friend's grandfather was a Wandervogel at the turn of the 20th century. They were naturalists, who spent plenty of  time in nature naked, exercised and lived in tune with the nature's laws. The necessity to liberate sexuality from it s repression to heal the world was clear to me from early on.

 I now have decade of experience as a Tantra Educator, I am initiated as a Sacred Shamanic Priestess. I am a certified Health and Life Coach and Reiki Master and Embodiment counselor and work with many different energy modalities. I guide individuals, couples and groups to  more fulfilling levels of intimacy and balance in their lives and assist them in becoming happier through a unique combination of different spiritual practices gathered and downloaded in my quest to raise my level of well being and touch others lives.

In my sessions, I give guidance and value I combine breath and energy work, meditation, mindfulness, visualizations, movement, sacred ritual, sacraments, deep heartfelt connection, psychological components and spiritual experiences that can transform your life and take you to the next level of consciousness and well-being.


When I started this sacred work over a decade ago, it was as if a painter had found her palette of colors after a life long search. Working with the life force  energy was completely natural for me and sacred beautiful creations flowed effortlessly through me.



2017 Deej Juventin, embodied counseling, institute of somatic sexology 

2016 Gleb Dirzu, Tantra Coach, Los Angeles, CA

2015 Pujarin Cabrera, Humaniversity Italy, Tantra training under Osho, Miami FL

2015 Kai Karrel, The Art of Goddess Worship Pujas, Miami FL

2015 IIN Health Coach certification, NY NY

2014 Scott Catamas, Non-Violent Communication, Miami FL

2014 Tantra Mentorship training Leah Alchin, Santa Cruz CA

2014 Sound healing Jay Schwed, Miami FL

2013 Certified Tantra Coach with Scource School of Tantra, Charles Muir, Santa Cruz CA

2009 Sacred Sexual Priestess Training, Triambika Vengoecha, Santa Cruz CA

2009 Love Journey, Evalena Rose, Sebastopol CA

2005 International School of Temple Arts, Sedona AZ, Baba Dez

2008 Taoist Massage, Shakti Shen, Sebastopl CA

2006 Michael Mirdad, Tantra training, Ft. Lauderdale FL

2005 Reiki Master, Ascension, Mayan Calendar, Crystal healing, Earthapothecary, Hollywood FL

2004 Shiva Shakti worship, Alorah Innana, Intimacy Coach , Marin CA

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to awaken people to be liberated, present, authentic, passionate, caring, creative, empowered, balanced with giving and receiving and full of love. I trust that everything divinely aligns with love, with through the practice of Tantra.





Orgasm is energy moving through the body freely.