“I have been practicing Tantra for more than 12 years. I’ve been through different techniques, I’ve learned various paths, I’ve done it in China, USA, Latin America, Japan, England, Germany, Portugal and France, where my journey began. The one thing that I can be concrete about is that every and each experience is unique and the quality of that sacred encounter depends on only one single point: the human energy and spirit. As my experience with that increases I’ve got much more challenge to find special gifted human beings with that magic elevated capacity to take me to a journey of light and feeling, of depth and mystery, of satisfaction and sacred respect. My encounter with Goddess Lania Kea was one of a kind. The way she conducted the entire session, all the focus and energy, delicacy, harmony and connection with the now, reached my own high expectation. And more than that. It all moved me beyond it. There are very few people out there like Lania. Which makes me think that with more souls like hers the world would be in a much better place.I have to thank Lania from the heart. I never have left that “momento”.  Juan Carlos M.

"I knew Life-Coach Lania Kea in February 2011; during a very difficult part of my life,… it was the best thing that happened to me!!. I was struggling with my marriage, and I needed help. I needed somebody that can give me light to see through the darkness, everything in me was confusion, pain, I was experiencing lots of mixed feelings with the person whom I had shared more than half of my life with. During my sessions, Lania Kea gave me the confidence to open my heart, my mind, my Ego thru different technics. She introduced me to different kind of Meditations, different schools of Yoga, to Eastern Philosophies like, Buddhism, ancient wisdoms of some Mesoamerican cultures like the Mayans; Aztecs and Toltecs. I discovered the power of Quantum Healing, Reiki, how to balance my chakras, the meaning of Unconditional Love, Non-Judgment, Gratitude, Awareness and Consciousness. During my sessions, I understood that the outside-in approach does not work. My long-term solution was the ability to turn my inner potential into reality; she helped me to understand “who I was”, and what I was capable of. To take responsibility for everything that happens in my life. I discovered with Lania Kea that, unlimited power lies in our ability to control our thoughts. A confused mind works in the direction of sickness, poverty, lack and limitation rather than in the direction of abundance, health and success. Since life is consciousness, the most important task we have is the development of the highest possible consciousness. Going to sessions with her, gave me the tools for an holistic approach for success, and helped me become the person I am today….Thank you Coach Lania Kea!! " Martine L.

"Lania - 
It has been about a week and the memories are vivid.  Your kindness and teaching has had me squeezing those special muscles throughout the day while remembering the most excellent time you provided me.  If I lived a tad closer I'd ask you to be my regular teacher!
Have a glorious weekend.  Stay forever who you are.
Mahalo and warm hugs" Pat B.

"I was at the verge of retirement when I met this wonderful life coach. I was caught in a miserable relationship with a needy woman and I was overworked, stressed out and managing everything on my own. No downtime. Since I have received extensive coaching from Lania, I have merged my business to one of the most successful ones in it's field, I have started a beautiful new relationship with a successful empowered woman and I have restructured how I work to delegating and therefore have much more time for myself and to pursue my passions. Taking sessions with Lania has been a game changer for me. "   Thomas R.                                                                                                                                                                                             

"Your caring and thoughtful demeanor created a safe and loving atmosphere. Thank you for a lovely time together - I really enjoy your company and love how we connect.  You are a special person. " Peter H.

"..you have an uncanny gift that has drawn me in to you as I am a curious person who loves to learn about people in general.  Being that I am on my own personal journey for improving my own life (consciously and subconsciously), your presenteeism both emotionally, spiritually  and physically has peaked my interest as to how you got to where you are as a soul. I cannot explain why I am comfortable in sharing my questions in life with someone I know very little about but it is what it is.  No disrespect but I do believe my attraction to you is that of emotional/psychological versus physical.  I have an enormous amount of questions about my own life and see that you are on a journey that I totally dig and are able to steer me in the right direction, with my frequent inquiries and questions to you, I am wondering and questioning the who about the special place you appear to be at.  I know life is not perfect for anyone but the appearance of how you lead your life is so cool and admirable. I just wanted to share these thoughts with you.  You have always responded to me in a professional and courteous way and truly appear to have a sincere interest in guiding me in the right direction.  I have learned so much from our sessions. My personal journey towards personal health and fitness has been a huge success since I have started seeing you. Eliminating sugar, alcohol, fats etc.......and committing to exercise 5x a week over a 2 year period has paid dividends being belief.  I AM SO GRATEFUL! As I continue with this lifestyle I now journey into incorporating my personal relationships to creating a happier person.  I do not know what to expect nor will I assume anything but I do commit to giving it my all which I am very good at doing.  Thanks again for listening and being on the other end of my sharing a lot of personal stuff about myself.  I appreciate everything you have done for me. Have a wonderful day and keep doing what you are doing and being who you are as a person. "  TC Brown

"..my biggest takeaway is - you want everyone that you run into to chase down their dreams and live their life and have no regrets.  Meeting someone like you - with your purity of thoughts and emotions - just underlines that for me. You wish me only the best, and I am certain that with you I will attain my goals and I will succeed. I trust in you and I hope to see you soon again."
M. Schade